Decorative Sculpture

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Snake Figure 1966.701.2 Snake in Partial CoilD. R. VillysPossibly 1890-19101966.701.2
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Snake Swallowing a MouseD. R. VillysPossibly 1890-19101966.701.1
Stove Figure of George Washington 1931.809.1 Stove Figure: George Washington
From Forge and Furnace: A Celebration of Early American Iron
J. L. Mott Iron Works (active 1853-1950)1850-1900 (possibly)1931.809.1
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Sidewalks to Rooftops: Outdoor Folk Art
Samuel Anderson Robb (1851-1928)1882-18831979.701.6
Figure 1961.701.14 The Fiddler
America's Folk Art
Edgar Alexander McKillop (1878/1879-1950)1926-19371961.701.14
Preacher 1931.701.5 The Preacher
America's Folk Art
ca. 18701931.701.5
D2010-CMD-07. Walking stick Walking StickMichael Cribbins (1839-1917)1875-19002010.708.1