Decorative Sculpture

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Bust of Elijah Muhammad (1897-1975)Ulysses Davis (1913-1990)ca. 19701992.701.1
D2009-CMD-. Amanda Armstrong. Portrait of Amanda Clayanna Armstrong [later, Mrs. Solon C. White](1844-1924)
American Folk Portraits
Asa Ames (1823-1851)18472009.701.1
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Bust of a Woman, probably Emmeline Ames Dewey (Mrs. Abner Dewey)(1813-1883)Asa Ames (1823-1851)Possibly 18471957.701.3
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Figure with VesselPossibly 1849-18651961.701.2
Stove Figure of George Washington 1931.809.1 Stove Figure: George Washington
From Forge and Furnace: A Celebration of Early American Iron
J. L. Mott Iron Works (active 1853-1950)1850-1900 (possibly)1931.809.1
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PigeonProbably 1860-18801931.701.4
Preacher 1931.701.5 The Preacher
America's Folk Art
ca. 18701931.701.5
Banner 1969.701.1 ""CARPE DIEM" BANNER"
America's Folk Art
John Bellamy (1836-1914)ca. 1875-19001969.701.1
TC1988-0368 Eagle
America's Folk Art
Wilhelm Schimmel (1817-1890)Probably 1875-18901932.701.3
Figure of Columbia 1962.701.1 Columbia
Sidewalks to Rooftops: Outdoor Folk Art