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Title of WorkArtist/MakerDate of WorkSorted AscendingAcc. No.
D2014-CMD. Curtain panel, floral chintzes
Printed Fashions: Textiles for Clothing and Home
2nd half 18th century1937-165,6A
Needlework Picture 1938-135 Framed Needlework Picture1580-16001938-135
DS1998-420 Bed curtain, wool embroideryca. 1680, remade later1938-235,E
2009 Record shot by L. Baumgarten. Napkin, detail of embroidery. Napkin, geometric damask1780-18101941-265,1
2009 Record shot by L. Baumgarten. Napkin. Napkin, geometric damask1780-18101941-265,2
Textile 1946-134 Blanket, plaid, Panels 3&4 sewn together1830-18501946-134,3-4
Skirt panel, originally part of a dressca. 17801947-510,2
Sampler 1950-154 Sampler by Rebekah OsborneRebekah Osborne1728 (dated)1950-154
Textile fragment 1950-346 Red Copperplate-Printed Textile, "Horse and Fox"c. 17701950-346
2015 Photograph Textile, indigo resistMid 18th century1951-298,1