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2009 Record shot by L. Baumgarten. Bed sheet, detail of mark. Bed Sheet, C Kca. 17701952-665,1
Bed Rug by Rebekah HarrisRebekah Harris1776 (dated)2001-60 (L)
DS1998-420 Bed curtain, wool embroideryca. 1680, remade later1938-235,E
Textile fragment 1961-46,1 Bed curtain fragment, red copperplate1765-18001961-46,1
Textile fragment 1961-46,2 Bed curtain fragment, red copperplate
Printed Fashions: Textiles for Clothing and Home
Talwin & Foster1765-18001961-46,2
Beadwork Picture 1962-108 Beadwork Picture1650-16751962-108
Beadwork Box 1963-20 Beadwork Casket1650-16751963-20,A
Beadwork Box 1968-503 Beadwork CasketMay, 16631968-503
Beadwork Cabinet 1954-854 Beadwork Cabinet1650-16751954-854
Basket 1954-838 Beadwork Basket1850-18701954-838