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Title of WorkArtist/MakerDate of WorkSorted AscendingAcc. No.
Chest of Drawers 2016-134 Chest of Drawers1810-18202016-134
Side Chair 2016-157 Side Chair1780-18002016-157
Corner Cupboard 2016-194 Corner CupboardJohn Swisegoodca. 18302016-194
Desk 2016-200 Desk1740-17652016-200
Piano Stool 2016-21 Piano StoolDuncan Phyfeca. 18152016-21
Chair 2016-74 Side Chair, Slat-back1780-18202016-74
Secretary and Bookcase 2016-91 Secretary and bookcase1800-18152016-91
Side Chair 2016-92,1 Side chair1775-18002016-92,1
Side Chair 2016-92,2 Side chair1775-18002016-92,2
Side Chair 2016-92,3 Side chair1775-18002016-92,3