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Title of WorkSorted DescendingArtist/MakerDate of WorkAcc. No.
Chest of Drawers 1977-225 Chest of drawersJohn Townsend1793-1795 (dated 179?)1977-225
TrunkCharles Townsend1740-17701989-70
1956-436: TC99-803 Tall case clock
Masterworks in the Collection
Thomas Tompionca. 17001956-436,A&B
D2012-CMD. Clock Tall Case Clock, CaseSeth Thomas1809-18132008.2000.2,A
D2012-CMD. Clock Tall Case Clock, movement
Keeping Time: The Tall Case Clock
Seth Thomas1810-18132008.2000.2,B
Conservation photo Dining TableThe Wisconsin Chair Companyca. 19292010.BH.2
Tall case clock
Keeping Time: The Tall Case Clock
Eli Terry1809-1814 (movement); ca. 1825 (case)1997-9,A&B
D2010-CMD-104. Tall case clock Tall Case ClockEli Terry1808-18202010.2000.1,A&B
Tall Case Clock 1976-433 Tall case clock
Conservation: Where Art and Science Meet
Henry Taylor1755-17651976-433
D2014-CMD. Side chair 2010-1 Side Chair
American Furniture: From Virginia to Vermont
Alexander Taylor Sr.1795-18052010-1