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Sorted AscendingTitle of WorkArtist/MakerDate of WorkAcc. No.
Soldering Iron1750-18202012-37
Soldering-Bottoming Copper 2012-38 Soldering-Bottoming Copper1750-18202012-38
Spinning wheelWilliam FitzBefore 1814 (death of maker)1988-502
Square Pan Swage 2014-64 Square Pan SwageJustus and William Bulkley1824-18442014-64
D2011-CL. Stake Square Stake1750-18202011-86
Square Stake 2014-59 Square Stake1800-18502014-59
Square Stake 2014-60 Square Stake1800-18502014-60
Textile Stamp 2017-311 Stamp1830-18602017-311
Stocking frame or knitting machine1750-18251993-80,1
String Reel 1964-41 String Reel
From Forge and Furnace: A Celebration of Early American Iron