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Title of WorkArtist/MakerDate of WorkSorted AscendingAcc. No.
Mandrel Stake 2014-51 Mandrel Stake1780-18802014-51
Mandrel Stake 2014-52 Mandrel Stake1780-18802014-52
Mandrel Stake 2014-53 Mandrel Stake1780-18802014-53
Mandrel Stake 2014-54 Mandrel Stake1780-18802014-54
Beak Horn Stake 2014-55 Beak Horn Stake1770-18402014-55
Beak Horn Stake 2014-56 Beak Horn Stake1770-18202014-56
Beak Horn Stake 2014-57 Beak Horn Stake1770-18202014-57
Round Head Stake 2014-58 Round Head Stake1750-18302014-58
Square Stake 2014-59 Square Stake1800-18502014-59
Square Stake 2014-60 Square Stake1800-18502014-60