Tools & Equipment

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Sorted AscendingTitle of WorkArtist/MakerDate of WorkAcc. No.
Sundial maker's scale rule18th century2003-138
Compass 1982-145 Surveying compass
A Rich and Varied Culture: The Material World of the Early South
Goldsmith Chandleeca. 18051982-145,1A-C
Tapered horn, grease horn19th/early 20th century2002-4,13
2008 Record photo by C. Lafiandra, Quilt Stencil Textile or Quilt Stencil1840-18602008-20
D2012-CMD. Stamp Textile Stampca. 18501971-2044
Copper Plate 1976-63,2 The British surrendering their Arms to Gen: Washington after their defeat at York Town in Virginia October 1781Benjamin Tanner (1775-1848)18191976-63,2
D2010-CL-16. Tinsmith's Sheet Metal Stake Tinsmith's Stake1700-18002010-23
Tongue planeJoseph Fuller1805-18102003-33
Tool chest1750-18201986-268,1
Traveler Wheel 1968-521 Traveler
From Forge and Furnace: A Celebration of Early American Iron