Tools & Equipment

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Sorted AscendingTitle of WorkArtist/MakerDate of WorkAcc. No.
D2011-CL. Shears Bench ShearsAbraham Greaves1790-18202011-122
Bench Shears 2014-65 Bench ShearsRoys & Wilcox1840-18702014-65
Bench Shears 2014-66 Bench ShearsJ and E North1824-18542014-66
Bench Shears 2014-67 Bench ShearsC. Brombackerca. 18702014-67
Record photo, 12-17-2014. Bench ShearsThomas Matkin1810-18302015-152
D2011-CL. Bent square stake Bent Square Stake1750-18202011-87
Blacksmith's sledge hammer1775-18252002-33
Block (mitre) plane, small1790-18202003-119
Bodkin19th/early 20th century2002-4,3
Balance 2014-19 Boxed Coin Scale and Weight Set
Silver from Mine to Masterpiece
Joseph Richardson1750-17842014-19,A-H