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Thomas Lord Fairfax Land Grant with Map on Reverse

ca. 1740
Origin: America
OH: 11 1/8" x OW: 13 7/8"
Ink on vellum
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1989-448
The land grant reads: "The Right Honourable Thomas Lord FairfaxBaron of Cameron in that part of Great Britain/ Called Scotland Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia To all to whom this Present Writeing shall come sends Greeting/ [?] that for good causes for and in Consideration of the Composition for my Use paid, and for the Annual rent hereafter/ [?] I have Given Granted and Confirmed and by those Present for me my heir and Assigns do give grant and/ Confirm unto, Miss Anne, and Sarah Fairfax Daughters of William Fairfax Esq.r one certain Tract or parcell of Land situate/ in the County of Prince William and is bounded as by a Survey thereof made by M.r William West pursuant to a Warrant..."
Label:One side of the document contains the written grant conveying land from Thomas Lord Fairfax to Anne and Sarah Fairfax, daughters of William Fairfax (who was the son of a younger brother of the Fifth Lord Fairfax). The other side contains the manuscript map as surveyed by William West. West was the surveyor that taught George Washington the trade. The 1900 acre plot granted to the Fairfax sisters borders the properties of Landon Carter, John Warner (who was one of the surveyors for the Fairfax claim against the crown), Captain Grayson, and Col. Colvil.